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Melissa has made an incredible difference in my life. In the last three years that I have worked with Melissa, my personal life and professional life has improved substantially. Relationships have improved, my stress levels have become less, my health has improved, and my business has grown. In the last year of what others claim is a recession, my business has increased by 25%!! Melissa is the best resource and business coach out there and I am honored to work with her.
Heidi Endicott, Independant Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Melissa Malueg
Melissa West (Malueg)
Founder of Xtreme Results

What would your life look like if you had already achieved your goals? A six or seven-figure income? Strong personal relationships? A thriving business? Anything you desire?

All the great thinkers, scientists, philosophers, artists, and industrialists throughout recorded history agree on only one point: we ultimately become that which we think about.

Xtreme Results, LLC is a professional and personal development company. We offer a variety of coaching programs, memberships, elite mastermind groups, in-person seminars, and workshops that help our clients begin to think about what they are thinking about, focus their energy on what is truly important and get the results they desire. This is transforming hundreds of thousands of lives on this planet!! Find out more here.