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The term "Go-Giver" does not even BEGIN to describe the generosity of Melissa Malueg. Since meeting her just over a year ago, I have watched in awe as she has poured inspiration into the lives of numerous people. Melissa literally lives every day of her life with the intention and purpose of improving OTHER PEOPLE's lives. Many people call themselves "coaches," but Melissa is the real deal. Her personal coaching philosophy is the perfect marriage of some of the best coaching programs in the world [IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching), LifeSuccess Consulting, Bob Burg International Consultants, and the John Maxwell Team]. She has already accomplished more than I have space to list here, but her past success provides just a glimpse of her future potential. Her capacity to change lives around the world is growing every day. I recommend her whole-heartedly for any and every professional opportunity that comes her way.
Brian Simpson

Melissa Malueg
Melissa West (Malueg)
Founder of Xtreme Results

What would your life look like if you had already achieved your goals? A six or seven-figure income? Strong personal relationships? A thriving business? Anything you desire?

All the great thinkers, scientists, philosophers, artists, and industrialists throughout recorded history agree on only one point: we ultimately become that which we think about.

Xtreme Results, LLC is a professional and personal development company. We offer a variety of coaching programs, memberships, elite mastermind groups, in-person seminars, and workshops that help our clients begin to think about what they are thinking about, focus their energy on what is truly important and get the results they desire. This is transforming hundreds of thousands of lives on this planet!! Find out more here.