Melissa V. West …

is the founder and CEO of Xtreme Results, LLC where she serves as a powerful catalyst for life and business transformation. She has mentored over 12,500 professionals, encouraging them to rediscover their passion as she inspires, energizes and empowers them to create the amazing life and business of their dreams.


Melissa has been mentored by and personally trained with some of the Masters in personal development including John C. Maxwell, Paul Martinelli, Anthony Robbins, Les Brown, Callan Rush, Mary Morrissey, Nick Vujicic, Bob Burg, and Bob Proctor. She now shares her message of transformation worldwide through coaching, training, mentoring, and keynote speaking.

Though she began her career in information technology with a degree from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Melissa quickly discovered a passion for helping others in their journey of transformation.

“Each person has infinite creative potential,” says Melissa, “to design the life they desire. I’ve witnessed thousands do just that through heightened self-awareness, clarity of purpose, identification of self-limiting beliefs and by making different choices to produce a more meaningful life.”

Not surprisingly, her expertise in systems design combines with her knowledge of human potential to build extremely effective programs for personal and professional growth and transformation. And it helped shape her career.

“Starting off as a ‘tech nerd’ sort of paid off,” she laughs. “I actually think it was my systematic approach to things that resulted in such a solid professional foundation. It made me want to spend the first few years of my coaching career learning from the very best people.”

And learn she did. Not only was she mentored by the most notable figures in the industry, Melissa became part of Bob Proctor’s international mentorship team coaching and training new LifeSuccess Consultants.

Then in 2011 Melissa was further recognized for her passion and excellence, partnering with John C. Maxwell, the world’s leadership expert, as a faculty member and mentor for his Team Certification program where she trained, coached, and mentored professionals on how to build their own coaching, speaking, and training businesses. As part of an elite international team of 6, she has mentored professionals from more than 140 countries. She was the only woman on the Mentorship team and took that responsibility to represent and serve the members of the program extremely seriously. “It was a true honor!” she says.


“The most memorable highlight came in Guatemala in 2013,” Melissa recounts. “I was doing Transformational Leadership training with the John Maxwell Team and EQUIP Leadership,” an international non-profit that specializes in training and mobilizing effective leaders. In one week they trained 20,000 leaders from government, banks, universities, churches, factories, even the military. “We were all volunteering, without any expectation of being compensated, but the impact I witnessed there thrilled me more than any monetary reward possibly could.”

Most recently, in February of 2016, Melissa published her second book, Hot Pursuit: Chase Your Dreams with Passion and Live an Exceptional Life. This book is about her journey to living her own dream and how you can too!  She published her first book, Your Daily W.O.W! Words of Wisdom That Will Inspire, Energize, and Empower You Every Day! in February 2014. Both books are available on and autographed copies are available on this site under the “Products” page.

“I’m sort of a ‘quote junkie,” Melissa admits, “so my first book allows me to bring to life the motivational quotes from successful people.” To each one she has added insightful commentary surrounding the meaning and daily application of the quote. “More than just feeling good, I want people to focus on transforming thought into action. The specific steps make it easy for readers to employ the wisdom of each message into their daily lives.”

Melissa West graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) with her Professional Coaching certification (CPC) and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner certification (ELI-MP). She is also licensed and certified as a John Maxwell Team Founding Member and as a LifeSuccess Consultant.

Melissa, her husband Chris, and two daughters enjoy spending time together at their home in Raleigh, NC. When not coaching or training clients, Melissa enjoys traveling, reading, watching spy movies with Chris and spending time with friends and family. Embracing her spirit of adventure, Melissa has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane twice (parachute attached of course!) and run two full marathons.