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Forbes reports 90% of startups fail.

Can you guess the number one reason new businesses fail? It may not be what you think.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the number one reason why new businesses fail is not because of money, not because of marketing but because of lack of clarity and focus.

Would you be surprised to learn the number two reason is lack of motivation, commitment, and PASSION?

After being a professional coach for almost a decade, I’m not surprised at all. I see it happen all the time. So many amazing and smart people get excited about starting their own business only to find themselves imprisoned by their own unclear and unfocused thinking. They think thoughts like,

“There seems to be SO much to learn or know about business, where do I even start?” And, “If it’s not perfect, what will everyone think. I’m totally going to look stupid!” While those around them whisper, “You’re not Steve Jobs, just stick with your job. You can retire in only 12 more years!”

Sound familiar?

The voice of doubt echoes quietly in your mind, “Maybe they’re right, I can’t do this.” It was Henry Ford that once said, “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.”

What is it that the tenacious 10% know about overcoming action blockers that the other 90% don’t?

They know action blockers will shut down businesses and prevent leaders from building rockstar teams faster than a greased rabbit running in a greyhound race! Therefore, they make it a top priority to get clear and focused! No compromising! Too much is at risk!

So that means 90% of new business owners fail to gain clarity and focus.

Why is that?

What prevents people from embracing and executing on their ability to get clarity, have focus and live their dream?

I remember when I still worked at my corporate day job and I would have a difficult time focusing on my work or in meetings because all I could think about was my dream business. I dreamt of coaching people to greatness, to living their purpose, to creating a life and business they absolutely love. I was obsessed.

I would imagine a full coaching practice, sold-out workshops, and being on stage with large audiences hanging on my every word. I always wanted to be recognized as a thought-leader, as someone who inspired a new way of living and operating, who wouldn’t settle and helped others step up and own their purpose and greatness. I’d dream of helping others fall crazy in love with their dreams and pursing them!

And now here I am almost a decade later. I am actually doing what I love all day versus being stuck behind my desk and in meetings just going through the motions.

What did I have to do to be one of the 10%?

I’ll be honest with you, I struggled in the beginning, Like everyone else, I struggled with my internal thoughts and stories and it negatively impacted my clarity and focus. Let me tell you, boy oh boy, did my voice of doubt have a strong hold on me! I lost time. I lost money. I started to lose hope and get overwhelmed. I couldn’t understand why I was making this so hard on myself.

It wasn’t until working intentionally and intensely on my uncovering my purpose and who I really am and what I really wanted out of life that I began to see all the self-sabotaging ways I would get in my own way and compromise my own success and fulfillment.

It was ME! It wasn’t my weak marketing, small budget, or inexperience, but rather is was ME and all my bogus stories running around in my head that stopped me in my tracks and imprisoned me! They created a fog in my mind and even though deep down I knew I was my greatest obstacle, I had no clue how to get out of my own way.

I became real intentional and began to notice a pattern in what blocked me and kept me from taking action. I then began to notice this same pattern showing up in all my clients and really anyone and everyone I knew!!

They created the same outcome: BLOCKED ACTION

Here are the top 3 Action Blockers I’ve identified that cause businesses and leaders to fail.

The Three Action Blockers Are:

  1. The Voice of Doubt
  2. Needing to know all the details
  3. The Naysayers

If you feel stuck in your business, career or life right now, can you see how these are showing up for you?

Do you see how they have blocked you from taking action?

Once I discovered these, I felt like I had cracked the code! Like I finally had answers to so many questions that I had been scratching my head for years on.

But it didn’t stop there. That was just the beginning.

Now I had the awareness that these existed and were preventing action, but how on earth was I to conquer and CRUSH them? They still had a hold on me!! They still preventing me from taking action! They still kept me in a fog. So I was more aware, yet more frustrated because I really didn’t know how to break free. I tried a few things here and there, but nothing created lasting changes for me.

If anything it was more of a tease. Do you know what I mean? It’s like you finally figure out what’s going on, but you don’t know how to truly solve and move past it.

Some days my energy level, eagerness, and passion was off the charts. I was unstoppable.

Other days I had every excuse in the book to not do a darn thing.

Some days I’d face my fears without a problem. It’s like they didn’t even exist.

Other days my fears kept me from doing simple tasks

Sound familiar?

I scratched my head for years trying to understand why this happened to myself and my clients.

I knew if I had the answers to these questions I’d be better equipped to lead myself and my clients to intentional and consistent action and ultimately better results.

To know these isn’t enough. You must know how to CRUSH them!  

My goal is to help a dreamer get out of their own way and begin to actually start living their dream.

I’m happy to report I discovered and developed tools and techniques that helped me CRUSH each and every one of these Action Blockers. And you know what? I want to share with you a chance to FINALLY get the answers you’ve been seeking on how to CRUSH these Action Blockers.

Imagine the impact it would have on you building your dreams faster! Imagine getting out of your own way! Imagine your results going through the roof!

You may or may not have made the leap and are fully chasing your dreams, but regardless if you are in a position where you have the potential and responsibility to influence people, personally and/or professionally, then I want to give you an opportunity to take your impact and potential to the next level.

Without doing so, you are losing a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money! You’re making things a lot harder on yourself!

Let me make things easier for you!

I have created a LIVE workshop called Blueprint for Success where I help you CRUSH through your Action Blockers; as well as create your own unique blueprint for success that captures your purpose, vision, passion, plan and guide you to your next step for living into that purpose.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll not only feel like a spark has been ignited inside you, you’ll see a new path forward for your life that you designed, and you’ll have the confidence to move past all your negative self-talk. A life where every single waking minute of the day, you are truly living in alignment with your highest and greatest good, and you are your most fulfilled and happiest.

I want that for you, because you were not created to settle for empty busyness …

…you are created for greatness!

So don’t wait!

Take the first step now…

…come spend the day with me at the Blueprint for Success Workshop!

…and start living into your greatness.


Melissa V. West

About Melissa V. West

westm_blogphotoMelissa V. West is the founder and President of Xtreme Results, LLC – a powerful catalyst for life transformation. She encourages business professionals to rediscover their passion and empowers them to create the amazing life of their dreams. She shares this message worldwide through coaching, training, mentoring, and keynote speaking. Melissa isn’t just a business owner, but also a wife and mom. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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