Welcome everyone to your Mind Energy Workout!  It’s time to exercise that magnificent mind of yours and build the much needed muscles to accelerate your growth. My goal is to write Mind Energy Workouts that take you 15 minutes or less to read.

Today I am going to talk to you about something that we can all relate to if we just take a few moments to look around and be observant.  I am going to talk about possibilities and how anything is possible!

I was actually inspired to share today’s workout lesson when I was getting ready for bed last week and I was washing my face and I noticed how when I went to splash my face with some warm water the water was too hot, so I literally tapped the faucet handle to the right with my index finger and the water instantly cooled and it was then at a perfect temperature for me to finish washing my face.  I thought, WOW, just like that… with a tap of the finger, I can go from scorching hot water to luke warm water!  It got me thinking and I thought, if someone could find a way to alter the temperature of water that quickly and be at the finger tips of pretty much every household, then I could surely find the solutions and the pathways to growing my business, my relationships, my health, and every other area of my life!

Now I share that story with you, not necessarily to be in awe of the invention of hot running water, even though it is pretty remarkable if you ask me, but rather to get your mind thinking about the amazing possibilities and solutions and how we are surrounded by their proof and evidence everywhere we look and everywhere we go.

You see, there was a time when people wondered and pondered about how on earth they were going to get hot running water into their homes. And if anything, it sounded more outlandish than actually possible. Water heaters didn’t exist and it wasn’t until a Norwegian engineer by the name of Edwin Ruud invented the automatic storage water heater in 1889 which eventually led to the invention of showers. My gosh could you imagine, no showers?  The real power here is that in 1889, this was a miracle, it was unheard of, it was something I’m sure some people couldn’t even fully wrap their minds around.  I mean think about it, to go from filling a tub with water manually, to a shower with hot running water is a quantum leap.  And like I said at the beginning of the workout lesson today, if you are observant, you can see these quantum leaps in the evolution of humanity and inventions all over the place.  You really can’t walk into room, step outside, or even pour a cup of coffee without seeing it.

You are an inventor, you invent ways to do things better, faster, cheaper all the time!  Now it’s just about taking that same creative power within you and directing it.  Leverage it in regard to whatever it is that you’re working on. I invite you to think outside the box, to believe in your capabilities, to create something amazing and magnificent that is life-changing!  I want you to put your inventor hat on and live in a world of infinite possibilities!  Now I’m not saying you need to go out there and invent something that compares to the water heater, but start thinking about how you can create something really great, how you can find the perfect solution to what you’re working on, maybe even something that significantly impacts and changes lives.  We all have the power to do this, it just requires your conscious attention.  Be deliberate with your thoughts.  When you manage your mind and direct your thoughts you ignite and give birth to new ideas and solutions.

Here is your CALL TO ACTION:

What I would like you to do this week is take some time for yourself each day and dwell in solutions and possibilities for whatever it is that you’re working on or dealing with.

You can write at the top of a sheet of paper or in a journal, “How can i…. How could this work? What could I do to make this work?  What are some solutions?”  Just by asking the question your subconscious mind is going to start going to work for you.  You may not get an answer then and there, but notice throughout your day how ideas and thoughts of solutions and options will come to mind.  You may be in line at the grocery store or in the middle of cooking something, or even sleeping.  If you carry around a notepad or voice recorder, you can jot down all the ideas that come to mind.  The key here is to be open and listen for the ideas!

When Edwin Ruud was figuring out how on earth he was going to get running water INSIDE of a house, I am sure there were many many times that he was stumped and had to go back to the drawing board and brainstorm it out.

This exercise can also be done with a buddy, someone like-minded.  A friend of mine just recently shared with me her ideas and goals to work with non-profit animal rescue organizations.  In that same day she shared that with me, I came across 2 non-profit animal rescue organizations!!  I wasn’t even searching for them, they were just right there in front of me and since it was in my awareness it caught my attention and then of course I shared that information with her.  So there can be power is sharing your situation with others.  I would, however, like to encourage you do this with another like-minded individual, not just anybody.  Think o someone in your life who is supportive of you, positive, and goal-orientated.

Then once you get some new and exciting ideas flowing and swirling around in your mind, get them down on paper and take a look at which ones you may actually consider following through on.  That’s the real key!  To start following through on your ideas!  Don’t let the creation process stop on your pad of paper.  Keep it alive by backing it up with some action.

Well, there you have it my friends, your Mind Energy Workout.  Stay strong, stay plugged in, and continually fuel your mind and your heart!!  I look forward to our next workout together!

Keep Living the Dream!

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