“The secret to being effective when you present to is stay present.” — Bob Burg

Melissa’s Words of Wisdom

Being present is so powerful!  It allows you to absorb and process information that you otherwise would overlook and miss out on.  Too often professionals get caught up in memorizing a script, elevator pitch, and presentation and they forget to be fully present for their audience because they’re just reading off something memorized in their minds.  Don’t get me wrong… a script, an elevator pitch, and a presentation should be practiced and memorized, however never leave out the REAL YOU from those communications!  The part of you that is truly curious about the other person, that wants to connect and be of great service and value to them, and the part of you that stays connected and grounded to the REAL AUTHENTIC YOU!  When you are present you share your greatest gift… and that’s YOU!  Happy Being a Present Communicator!  Remember, nothing happens until you decide to take action!  Leave a comment below about how today’s Daily Words of Wisdom impacted you and what one action step you’ll take immediately.

Get out your agenda/journal for today because …

It’s time to A.C.T!

The A stands for ACTION.  What inspired action will you take today?
The C stands for CHANGE.  What purposeful change will you make today?
The T stands for TEACH.  What can you teach someone else today?

Write it out. Commit to it!  Take inspired action, make purposeful changes, and teach what you have come to know with someone else who could benefit from your wisdom!!  Nothing happens until you take ACTION!

It’s time to SHARE!

Please share with us what A.C.T.s you took today as well as hear from other readers?  I encourage you to leave your experiences/testimonials, comments, and additional thoughts below.

Keep Living the Dream!

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