There are many things that are happening internally when you make the decision to break through a comfort zone, to step through a barrier and over to the other side.  Want to know what they are?… Want to know how to break through any barrier you’re faced with?  … Then keep reading!


When you are faced with the choice to break through a comfort zone or stay exactly where you are, it can feel like an internal battle!  One side of you is saying “Go for it!  This is it!  You can do it!” and the other side of you is saying “What are you nuts!?  That’s too risky!  You ‘re just going to fail… just like last time!”  Boy oh boy, I’m sure we’ve all heard those voices one too many times!!

Let me share with you “whose” voices you’re really hearing.  That voice that tries to keep you stuck is your current programmed mind.  There was a time and place in your life when that voice came to life in an effort to protect you… protect you from failure, rejection, criticism, etc.  It didn’t want you to put yourself in a vulnerable position where you might get hurt.  So in a way, that side of you “thinks” it’s doing a great job at preventing you from any pain and heart ache.  However, your programmed mind can actually work against you during times like these and actually keep you stuck and robbing you from experiencing a more purposeful and meaningful life!

Now the other side of you is the side that is excited and really wants change and to take that risk!  Whose voice is that?  Well, that’s your soul, your spirit, your inner guidance!  Your spirit is always seeking a fuller expression and expansion of itself.  In other words, your spirit is constantly looking for ways to reach, stretch, and grow!  It wants you to experience a full and meaningful life!  So that voice is wanting to emerge and take you somewhere you’ve never been before.  It yearns for you to have a purposeful and meaningful life.


The fact that you’re even entertain a bigger and better idea, something new and exciting, should be a sign to you that you’re ready for change.  It wouldn’t even come into your awareness if you weren’t ready.  Now, just because you’re ready, doesn’t mean your old programming isn’t going to put up a fight.  Of course, your programming will show up (uninvited) and this is when you may feel extremely uncomfortable.  Here is where the battle begins.  It’s the battle between the SPIRIT and the PROGRAMMED MIND!  Your programmed mind will try and rationalize with you on all the reasons why you shouldn’t make any changes and take any risks.  It’s just doing it’s job!  However your spirit doesn’t play weak either.  Your spirit, which is your true authentic self, will continue to yearn for MORE and excite you about what you could create!  It, too, is just doing its job!


Well, it starts with an awareness of what’s really taking place.  Catch yourself in the midst of the battle.  Acknowledge what is taking place.  Hear the difference between what your programmed mind is saying and what your spirit is saying.  This is really important!  It’ll be much easier to make decisions when you know who is who.

Once you feel you can distinguish between the two, have your purpose, vision, and goal statements (PVG) near by and use it as a reminder that your choice to move forward is serving you… even if it’s a little scary!  The fear won’t necessarily ever go away, but you can begin to build your faith and belief in yourself to be stronger than the fear.  When your faith and believe are stronger and you have clarity on your PVG, it will almost seem too easy to break through those pesky comfort zones!


1.  First things first… Become aware of “the battle” between your programmed mind and your spirit.  Awareness is always step 1!

2.  Then take a moment and acknowledge both of them… Thank them both for doing their job.

3.  Give your mind permission to be “afraid” yet welcome and give yourself permission to entertain a bigger and better thought/idea.

4.  Review your PVG and affirm to your programmed mind and spirit that this step forward is indeed in alignment/in harmony with your PVG.

5.  Last but not least… Then get moving!! Get busy!   … and of course CELEBRATE your choice to honor your spirit!

I would love your feedback on this post.  Share with your thoughts and experiences on breaking through your comfort zone!

Live The Dream!

2 commets “Ever Wonder Why It’s So Hard To Break Through a Comfort Zone?

  1. Sharon Willey (Edit)

    This article is very timely for me. I’ve just made the decision to change careers and today is my first day on this new path. Thank you for reminding me about what is going on in my head and putting those ‘voices’ in proper perspective!

  2. Xtreme4Blog Author (Edit)

    Sharon, Congrats for making a very important decision!!… that’s a beautiful gift to yourself! Just take one day at a time and really be in tune with what your spirit and heart desires… let that drive you. Keep Living The Dream Girl!!!

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