Be Saved By Criticism!

“The trouble with most of us is that we would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Boy oh boy, it feels great to receive […]

Get Used to it!

“Move out of your comfort zone.  You can only grow if you are willing to feel  awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” ~ Brian Tracy Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Remember when you were […]

Which Kind of Person Are You?

“There are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to get things done and those who don’t want to make mistakes.” ~ John C. Maxwell Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Which kind of […]

Are You Drained or Energized?

“Don’t be weighed down by things that drain your energy!  If it doesn’t bring you joy chuck it, change it, or rearrange it!” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Great questions I like […]

It’s Really Possible!

“Live as if the possibilities you long for actually do exist.” ~ Geneen Roth Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Too often we lack the belief in the possibilities of that which we desire.  We say, “That […]