THE INSIDE: What Does It Really Mean to Be Authentic?

The Law of Authenticity states that, “The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.” So what does that mean really? It means that the world is going to benefit the most when you stop pretending to be someone you’re not and you start being more of who you really are! It means it’s soooo important for you to know who you really are! Do the inner work. Do the self reflection to discover more of your true and authentic self.

What is Your Truth? Challenge Your Old Limiting Beliefs!

The world is flat, the world is flat! Oh yes it is! Oh wait, wait a minute, no, no it’s not. My bad, it’s actually round!

Knowledge. It is a beautiful thing, however, knowledge is not always right, is it? Take a moment and ask yourself, where did you get all your knowledge? Not just academic knowledge, but your knowledge on life… how to behave, what’s right and wrong, who you are, what you should believe, what you should feel, what you’re capable of and not capable of, etc. I find it interesting that we have been taught all of these things very early on in our life

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