“The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way.” ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Melissa’s Words of Wisdom

Do you like to dream BIG? Do you like to close your eyes and imagine a lifestyle that is full of joy, freedom and abundance? The magnitude to which the image you hold in your mind will be fulfilled greatly depends on the strength of your desire and your ability to handle the journey along the way. The journey is not always a smooth ride, so your ability to be flexible and stay strong through adversity, disappointments, and setbacks is critical. Your rock solid, unwavering desire is what will help you get through all those “bumps in the road.” Your desire to be, do, and create more on this planet will keep you getting back up again and again. Never lose your DESIRE – It’s the hunger, the thirst for life! Without it, we stop evolving as human beings. Happy Hungry Desire!!

Remember, nothing happens until you decide to take action! Leave a comment below about how today’s Daily WOW has impacted your life and what inspired action you will take.

It’s time to A.C.T!

The A stands for ACTION.  What inspired action will you take today?
The C stands for CHANGE.  What purposeful change will you make today?
The T stands for TEACH.  What can you teach someone else today?

Write it out. Commit to it!  Take inspired action, make purposeful changes, and teach what you have come to know with someone else who could benefit from your wisdom!!  Nothing happens until you take ACTION!

It’s time to SHARE!

Please share with us what A.C.T.s you took today as well as hear from other readers?  I encourage you to leave your experiences/testimonials, comments, and additional thoughts below.

One comment for “Dream Big!

  1. Yvonne Henry (Edit)

    Yes Melissa, I have books unread also. I bought the speed reading program and never finished it. I appreciate the books like those by Donald Trump and Robert & Kim Kiyosaki in the public Library.
    One of the things I love to do is browse in the book store. I hope that is still open to folks who want to. Thanks,
    Peace and Blessings.

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