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I know you are on this page because you want to GROW!

I also know you are looking to increase your influence as a LEADER!

You may or may not have a positional leadership title, but regardless you are in a position where you have the potential to influence people, personally and/or professionally. I want to give you an opportunity to take your leadership potential to the next level.

What exactly is leadership?

Leadership is INFLUENCE, nothing more, nothing less! If you want to be a better leader and take your business and life to the next level, then you must be able to influence people to action!

I believe before you are able to influence people to positive action that you must connect with them and understand and appreciate their world. Only then is it much easier to connect and influence them! The challenging part, however, is understanding them.

I mean, come on, what’s up with people!!??

I’ve scratched my head for years trying to understanding them! I found myself asking questions like …

  • Why do people do what they do?
  • Why are they NOT doing what they say they want to be doing?
  • What drives people to action?
  • How come one minute they’re lazy and the next they’re a go-getter?
  • What blocks people?
  • How come one day they’ll face a fear and the next they’ll run from a fear?
  • What inspires people?
  • What makes them get out of bed?

I knew if I had the answers to these questions I’d be better equipped to lead people to action because I’d understand what makes them tick. If you’ve wondered these questions too, then …

I’m excited to share with you a very special opportunity to FINALLY get the answers!!

You see, people don’t just do what they do for no reason. There’s ALWAYS a reason! There’s actually a science behind all of our action! How would it feel to finally understand why people do what they do? Imagine the greater influence you would have on yourself and others if you understood what drives people to action!! Your results would go through the roof!!

The Science of Action! Harness Your Influence & Drive Results!

Are you finally ready to influence YOURSELF and OTHERS to take positive action that serves your highest and greatest good and produces amazing results??  If so, you must join me for the next 7 weeks!

Listen to what others are saying about the Science of Action!


Here's More of What Others Have to Say About The Science of Action!

“The Science of Action has provided me a powerful process to really understand my internal WHY and which of my needs is driving my actions or lack of action. The resulting clarity and awareness has allowed me to understand the root of some of my resistance to act and allowed me to move forward on actions critical to reaching my goals. As always, Melissa’s teaching is filled with passion, stories based on her own journey and great coaching insight allowing us to quickly grasp the influence and impact our needs have on our decisions and actions.” Marc-Andre G., Texas

“This course has been an incredible journey of self discovery for me which I’m very grateful. I’ve learned that life is so much simpler than I thought and that my fears and doubts can go away by understanding why I feel that way. Thank you for opening a new door to understanding people in order to do my business. I will always remember the difference you made in my life.” – Bessy M., Washington, D.C.

“For me personally, this course was so valuable in helping me to understand myself better and WHY I do or do not do something. That knowledge helps me get into action. I feel it also gave me concrete steps to follow to get into action. I really appreciated that the course was not just theory but application!” Tracy K., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“This SOA course taught by Melissa was intense and EXTREMELY rewarding. It was indeed life-changing to learn about myself first and what makes me “tick” and then to look at others to see that they are trying to get the same needs met – but differently. This was almost like an overnight MIRACULOUS discovery in helping me have better relationships with everyone I encounter…prospects, clients, family relationships, etc. I am full of gratitude for Melissa West and for this course which has opened my eyes to many things. I just want to soak this up again and again.” – Tracy W., Atlanta, Georgia

“I have listened to them (SOA MODULES) a few times, and each time I have heard something different. I see so many different things in my own actions, some frustrating, some enlightening. Thank you so much doing these modules.” – Minta L., Raleigh, North Carolina 




In this 7-week deep dive course you will learn:

What drives action in every human being

The key to identifying exactly what drives action for YOU

The formula for creating higher quality connections and relationships

How to stop self-sabotaging your success

How to grow your business with the right people

How to increase the quality of your decisions and actions that lead to greater results

How to increase your sense of clarity and feel more empowered in your life and business 

The Science of Action begins October 22nd!

Join us for 7 Weeks of Harnessing Your Influence and Driving Results!


This course is delivered via the internet and phone conferencing line. All you need to join is a computer and phone!

7 – 45 minute downloadable training modules

3 – 60 minute LIVE Mentorship sessions with Melissa

A workbook and exercises to go with each training module

Access to a private Facebook group


1 – Free autographed copy of my new book, Your Daily WOW!

Your Investment: $297

Registration is Currently Open.

Your SOA Journey begins on October 22, 2014

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Looking forward to sharing more with you!

Melissa West