“Most people are anxious to improve their circumstances but unwilling to improve themselves.  They are either reluctant to do the inner work of self-reflection or simply don’t know how.  However, consider this; It is easier to change yourself than it is to change others.  When you realize this simple truth, you will begin to understand the importance of uncovering and understanding your authentic self.” — Lou Cassara 


Melissa’s Words of Wisdom

I love this quote!  It speaks right to my heart!  Probably because helping others grow from the inside out is my purpose in life!  I am so passionate about wanting others to see the value in their authentic selves.  Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to do the inner work.  I am here to share with you that the inner work is the KEY to your success! It’s the foundation, the base.  You can’t maintain your success without growing from the inside out.  The same person who achieved the goal isn’t the same person it will take to maintain it and go beyond it.  Go into today open and willing to do the inner work… widen your self-awareness!  And of course, I am always here for you!  If you would like to schedule a free 30 minute coaching strategy session, send me an email request.  Happy Inner Growth!  Remember, nothing happens until you decide to take action!  Leave a comment below about how today’s Daily Words of Wisdom impacted you and what action you’ll take.

Get out your agenda/journal for today because

It’s time to A.C.T!

The A stands for ACTION.  What inspired action will you take today?
The C stands for CHANGE.  What purposeful change will you make today?
The T stands for TEACH.  What can you teach someone else today?

Write it out. Commit to it!  Take inspired action, make purposeful changes, and teach what you have come to know with someone else who could benefit from your wisdom!!  Nothing happens until you take ACTION!

It’s time to SHARE!

Please share with us what A.C.T.s you took today as well as hear from other readers?  I encourage you to leave your experiences/testimonials, comments, and additional thoughts below.

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