Many people are confused and seem to be going through life in a foggy haze. They’re just not quite sure what they want, what they should be doing, where they should be going, etc… and in turn they are not as happy and fulfilled as they would like to be; it just seems like something is missing. We’ve all been there, right!? When we find ourselves in these predicaments, we are usually seeking a greater clarity. We want answers… we want to be in the KNOW and eliminate any UNKNOWNS and uncertainty.

So where do we start? Before we’re able to find those answers and have greater clarity, we need to start by knowing what we believe in and what’s most important to us. When we know what it is that we strongly believe in and find important, it can help us understand what next steps feel right during times of uncertainty. Wouldn’t you agree that when you intentionally focus on something you believe in, you are much more in tune with what feels right in your gut? Your intuition kicks in and you are drawn to live in harmony with what you believe in your heart and you take the necessary action to do so. So then the obvious next question is… what do you believe in your heart?

I’d love to share some of the beliefs I hold in my heart with you…
1. Everyone has a unique and special gift to share with the world.
2. Everyone should follow and live their dreams. No one should settle.
3. Transformations (reaching, stretching, and growing) should be an enjoyable process.
4. You must be in a place of uncertainty to awaken and gain greater insight.
5. When you love something/someone, your willingness to take action increases.

These beliefs have helped me gain a greater clarity in my profession as a Life Coach and helped me develop my message and purpose that I share with others. It’s been very powerful for me! So now I ask you to do the same. Take a few moments and write out your beliefs. You can start out by writing at the top of your paper, “I believe…. “ and then just let your beliefs flow right out of you. The ones above are just a small sampling of many beliefs that I hold. So you can write out your beliefs about any and all areas of your life. … about life in general, relationships, career, health, money, etc. There are no limitations here.

Once you have a list that you feel really strongly about, now you can begin to go back and address that fogginess you were having. Begin to see which next steps are most in alignment with your beliefs.

When we live in alignment to our beliefs our hearts sing with joy and we open ourselves up to a very fulfilling and rewarding life!

I invite you to share some of your own beliefs here on this blog post! I’d love to hear what your heart believes in!

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