I chose to write a blog entry today on the Law of Value because I recently started facilitating a new book study on the amazing book, The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  This book is a must read!  It’s had such a great impact on me and changed everything from how I run my business to how I play with my nephews and niece and spend time with my family.  The book is a great reminder of how you can genuinely be kind, giving, and appreciate people and how it will come back to you 10-fold.  You may be thinking, but I’m already kind and I already appreciate those in my life… but  you see, it’s not just about being nice and providing satisfactory service, or providing just enough product for the right price, or just the right amount of complements and love to those we care about.  There’s more …and my intention for you is that by the end of reading this article you’ll not only have a few ideas of how to create more value, but you will also be so excited to go out there and start putting it to use!

The Law of Value – The First Law to Stratospheric Success
How do you increase the value you have in your own life? You GIVE  more value …to everything you do and to everyone you come in contact with.  Yes, it’s that simple, you GIVE more value, you share it with others!

You see, when you are able to create an amazing and rewarding life, it’s not so much about the actual thing, product, skill or service that you offer and/or sell, but rather the value you are creating, the value it brings into someone’s life.  This applies not only to your business and career, but also to your relationships, your health and all other areas of your life.

In the book, The Go-Giver, the Law of Value states that ‘your worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.’  Now before I get into some possible ways to do that, it’s very important for you first to believe you have the power to add value into someone’s day, add value to their experience, and their overall life.  Yes, YOU, ME, Everyone… we all have that power to make a significant positive impact!   When you recognize that, you can now choose to play full on and show up as that person who makes a significant difference in others’ lives.  It’ll change how you show up not only at the office and in your relationships, but everywhere from the grocery store, the post office, to rush hour traffic.  Digest that and really internalize how powerful you really are and how much value you really do have to give.  You see, we can’t give what we don’t have.  Own it, claim it, and know your worth and choose to share it with others!  Bob Burg says, “When you keep it to yourself it doesn’t build interest, it withers. “

What is Your Intention For Adding Value?
Once you really see all the value you have to offer, the next step is to make sure your intention for wanting to create and give more value is genuine.  If we are merely giving more value with the intention of getting  more in return … whether it’s getting more money, more customers, more sales, more love, more respect, … then we have it all wrong.  When we’re just trading value for some-thing in return, then we have become “creditors” as it is referred to it in the book.  It says that when we’re expecting something back in return, we think someone owes us, then it’s really just a disguised way of keeping track, keeping score, and that’s not in true alignment with the Law of Value.

Not too long ago I watched the movie The Blind Side which is the true story of the football star Michael Oher.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s really great and it really highlights the Law of Value so perfectly.  In the movie, this well to due family takes Michael in and thinks only they are transforming his life by giving him warm meals, new clothes, and a bed to sleep in, but they soon realize that their lives were just as transformed by having him be a part of their family.  You see, they genuinely gave from their hearts, expecting nothing in return.  They gave so much in value to this young man, but they received more back than they ever could have imagined!

Each and every one of us is amazing and when our intention is to genuinely create value for others, naturally our best self shows up and we are able to share that side of us with others.  And the more value you create and share, the more value you will receive.  It’s how this law works.  So be sure your intention of wanting to add value is pure and genuine and then the law will automatically go to work for you.

Time to Put the Law of Value to Use
So let’s take a look at some ways to incorporate the law of value into our lives.  You might be thinking, “I don’t have time to give more value” and/or “I can’t afford to give more value”….  Are those some of the thoughts running through your mind?  Well that’s where the law of value is so great and will have such a huge impact on your life because it’s not about just giving of your time and money, but rather it’s about creating a huge value with somewhat small efforts.  You see, it’s the little things that make a big difference.  For example, it can be everything from a genuine smile, a heartfelt hug, a personalized note, a genuine interest in someone, turning off your cell phone during dinner, letting someone who looks rushed or stressed pass you in line at the grocery store, acknowledging a co-worker or friend’s efforts.  I could go on and on here…  the point is, these small things add up to make a huge difference in someone’s day as well as yours.

Remember, the law of value says ‘your worth is determined by how much more you give in value that you take in payment.’  It doesn’t say your worth is determined by how much time and money you spend with someone.  Price and time do not equal value here.  What you’re really trying to do is create a valuable experience. … something that touches and impacts lives.

Think about a time when you were impressed with an experience you had.  Where were you?  Who was servicing you?  What made it special?

A year ago I moved to North Carolina and had to choose a new grocery store chain to shop at because they didn’t have the same grocery stores here as they do back home.  I chose to try out this store called Harris Teeter.  I’ve never been to a grocery store that creates such a great experience for its shoppers!  I’m greeted at least 2 or 3 times just while I’m shopping and then when I’m checking out the cashier engages me in conversation and not just any ole conversation.  I’ve noticed that they really pay attention, they observe, they talk to me about things that I might actually be interested in.  For example, once we got talking about Brazil because I have a little Brazilian flag on my key chain, another time we were talking about the Chicago Bears because I had a Bears T-shirt on (shhh, don’t tell my Green Bay Packer friends I was wearing though).  And then each time, after they’re done bagging and loading my groceries they ask if I would like someone to take my groceries out to my car for me.   It’s just an overall really great experience.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had such a wonderful experience while grocery shopping …and it’s consistent, it wasn’t just a fluke, I mean I get great, friendly service every time I shop there.  Now having lived here for a bit, I have learned that Harris Teeter is one of the more expensive grocery chains in this area.  But you see, they’ve created value for me that I don’t shop anywhere else for my groceries.  The few extra dollars I would save going somewhere else is not worth losing the value I get from the shopping experience.

So how can you create more value, create that worthwhile experience for those you come in contact with?   With your customers, colleagues, friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers?

Whatever you choose, remember, it’s all the little things that add up.  The attention to detail, the friendly greeting, the genuine interest, the consistency in your service, the special appreciation you give them. … all those things add up to be of huge value!!

Your Call To Action!
So now it’s your turn.  Here’s your call to action.  I would like you to incorporate the Law of Value in your day today, before your head hits the pillow tonight.  Find a way to create and share more value today – how can you create a better experience for a client, a loved one, a neighbor?  Again, your efforts may seem small, but they most definitely will add up and make a huge difference and alter both their experience as well as yours.   Think about it and then go out there and add value day by day, little by little, and bit by bit!

Live the Dream My Friends!

I’d love to hear about your experiences, so please leave a comment!

4 commets “Understanding and Putting The Law of Value to Use

  1. Bob Burg (Edit)

    Melissa, what a great article. Though, from knowing you as I do, it does not surprise me in the least. You are the embodiment of what John and I call a Go-Giver, and the value you provide to so many people is a natural extension of everything you are; thus everything you do. Thank you for your very kind mention of our book!

  2. Xtreme4Blog Author (Edit)

    Thank You Bob!!! You inspire me so much and have added so much value into my life personally and professionally! It is my pleasure to write about and share these amazing laws to stratospheric success with others as much as I can! Thank you again… I appreciate and value YOU Bob!

  3. Darshan Shanti (Edit)

    Dear Melissa,

    Bob is an awesome guy. He is a man of integrity and a man of his word. Your article really did his book justice and I appreciate you sharing what you did, especially in the call to action section. I am going to give my sweetheart a back rub and a little massage as well because as you said, “it’s the little things.” Thanks again and keep writing.

  4. Keith S. Aul (Edit)

    This reminds me of a passage in the book, The Science of Getting Rich. It speaks of giving more in ‘use’ value than you will get in ‘cash’ value. If you follow this Law of Value, then you will be giving or adding more to life with every business transaction you engage in or every relationship you enter into. Each experience you engage in has some value to it whether you initially perceive it as negative. The Blind Side was a great movie and this was a great example of giving without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

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