Here’s the video challenge:

The challenge was to manually type my blog address out,, and see if you were able to get here! Did You SUCCEED?? If so, CONGRATS… you officially passed the test in how to spell my last name, Wahoo!! Leave a comment so I can congratulate YOU!

So the challenge is on…. Open a new internet browser window and put yourself to the test! … “See” you in a few!

12 commets “Did You Succeed??

  1. Your Dad (Edit)

    Are you sure its not Maleug? My first grade teacher sent me home to check with my parents to make sure I was spelling it right. It’s an umlaut U in the original german for those of you who want to know why the u is before the e.

  2. Xtreme4Blog Author (Edit)

    CONGRATS! Thank you everyone for you comments and kudos to you for now knowing (and never forgetting) how to spell my last name! πŸ™‚

  3. Bart (Edit)

    Hi Melissa, I succeeded ;-)) Heard some wonderful things about you when talking with Inge, Paul and Christian and I’m looking forward to get to know you better and who knows one day we can work together, it would be may pleasure and in the mean time I’ll be enjoying your posts and Blog !! Keep up the good work Lady, you are spreading a fantastic Energy around the Globe…

    Love, Bart

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