What Does Authenticity Mean?

“Authenticity doesn’t mean you can’t use pre-planned words.  It just means that when you do, you have to make them your own, in both your head and your heart.” ~ Bob Burg and John David […]

The Power of Making People Feel Valued!

“The key to making others feel valued in a group or on a team is to invite participation. The smartest person in the room is never as smart as all the people in the room. […]

Is the World on Your Side?

“Instead of believing the world is plotting to do you harm, choose to believe the world is plotting to do you good.  Instead of seeing every difficult challenging event as a negative, see it for […]

Your Beliefs Control You!

“As you begin to break all those beliefs that tell you what isn’t possible, incredible things start happening to you because you don’t limit yourself anymore.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Limiting […]