What is the Bridge to Success?

  “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” ~ Owen Waters Melissa’s Words of Wisdom I think many people try to force themselves to be disciplined. They arm wrestle themselves to the ground to […]

True Leadership is Earned!

  “True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned.  It comes only from influence, and that cannot be mandated.  It must be earned.” ~ John Maxwell Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Just because someone has been […]

Never Give Up Your Ideal!

  “Life is aspiration.  Its mission is to strive after perfection, which is self-fulfillment.  The ideal must not be lowered because of our weaknesses or imperfections.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi Melissa’s Words of Wisdom What weaknesses […]

Struggles Are Your Pathway to Success!

  “Our struggles are the short term lessons we learn to achieve long term success.”  ~ Simon Sinek  Melissa’s Words of Wisdom What is the real purpose of a struggle? I mean, they’re not much […]