Stop Complaining!

“If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  Don’t complain.”  ~  Maya Angelou   Melissa’s Words of Wisdom If you think about it, within every complaint is a […]

Tell Your Story!

“You have an entire story to tell and no one can tell it quite like you.”  ~ Byron Embry Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Your life is full of lessons, experiences, good and bad, and behind […]

Savor the Present Moment!

“Be Present.  Be. Here. Now.”  ~ Unknown Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Ahhhh, I love this! I believe that the beauty and fulfillment of life resides within being present. When you are present, you get to […]

Let Love Flow Like a River!

“Love is not something you generate.  It is something that you allow to flow through you.  You have only to allow it to flow in order to experience its wonder.” ~ Owen Waters Melissa’s Words […]

Let go of Resistance!

“The essence of any true transformation lies in the letting go.” ~ Katherine Woodward Thomas Melissa’s Words of Wisdom In order to truly transform, you must let go of whatever you are holding onto and […]

Share Your Heart Today… and Everyday!

“Show kindness through your face, your eyes, your smile, and through the warmth of your greetings.  Don’t only give your care, but give your heart as well.” ~ Mother Teresa Melissa’s Words of Wisdom You […]

Lead With Authenticity!

“Great leaders don’t try to be perfect, they try to be themselves.  And that’s what makes them great.”~ Simon Sinek Melissa’s Words of Wisdom Too often I see people trying to be someone they are […]

Are You Living Your Purpose?

  “Knowing your purpose can dramatically enhance your experience in life.  Purpose-driven people experience more fulfillment, more success, and often greater rewards than other people. Paradoxically, people who set out to live their purpose often […]