Sometimes when we think about being persistent, it can be tiring and exhausting.  The thought of having to continue on and on and on can be daunting.  However, the alternative is far worse!!!  The thought of being stuck in the same place, doing the same ole things, getting the same ole results is actually quite frightening to me.  If you truly want to master a new skill and passion, it REQUIRES your persistence.  It’s not an option, but rather a necessity!

Watch this short video clip on how I choose to stay persistent and be in for the looooong haul!!

So how can you be in for the long haul!??

I am going to invite you to look at being persistent as a way of life!  It’s something that never really ends.  As you continue on your journey and you continue to have new experiences and create new things, persistence is definitely going to play a big part in your journey… there’s no way for it not too!!  So EMBRACE it… look at it as something that will be WELL WORTH the blood, sweat, and tears to master!!!

Leave your thoughts and comments on how you remain persistent!

3 commets “How Long Do I Need to Keep On Keeping On?

  1. Paul Martinelli (Edit)

    Great lesson! Makes me think back to the days when I was cleaning offices. Great quote from TAGR. Thanks Melissa, Hold Your Image!! pm

  2. Becky Powell (Edit)

    Love it! It is so true, you need to be persistent in order to see the results you want. Persistent is not part of my life right now. I’m not seeing the results I want and I know it is because I’m not persistent enough with what I want, my desires, my dreams, my purpose in life. Thank you very much for these short little lessens that get you thinking. It all starts with a thought and then grows from there.

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