What is your purpose for being here?  For being here on my blog, on the internet, at the job you’re at, with the partner you’re with, living in the city you live in, spending your time on certain things, etc.  WHY is the question?  What meaning and fulfillment does it bring into your life?

Many people find themselves going through the motions of life without feeling a sense of fulfillment and meaning.  That can be very exhausting and just flat out miserable to deal with!  Life is about finding a greater sense of purpose in EVERYTHING you do!  Just imagine how your life would change if you had a sense of purpose with EVERYTHING!!??  Discovering and articulating your God (I choose to use the word God as my creator) -given Purpose is probably one of the most awakening experiences!  Once it reveals itself to you, you can begin living every moment of your life with purpose!


Begin to think about what brings joy into your life.  Your life is meant to be RICH… with joy, happiness, peace, love, success, and MORE!  So if you were to live that way day in and day out, what would you be doing?  where would you be?  who would you be with?  Start thinking about what fills your soul.


Melissa’s Purpose:
Through my love, enthusiasm, humor, and passion I widen the awareness of my loved ones and those I come in contact with to see their true potential and the infinite power that flows to, with, and through them.  I educate, mentor, and coach others to understand themselves better and help break through the barriers that up until now have kept them from achieving their dreams.  I share and embrace my life experiences with my loved ones with love, excitement, and non-judgment.


Start out by jotting down things that you LOVE to do and where you just come ALIVE!  Times when your BEST SELF shines through, you’re on fire, you’re on cloud nine, and you cannot get enough.  Don’t guide, edit, or supervise your answers.

Here are 3 questions to get the juices flowing…

1.  What do you love doing?

2.  What it is about those activities that makes it so special to you?  What do you receive from doing those things?

3.  How does that make you feel?

This is the beginning of many more blog posts on PURPOSE.  I would like you start here FIRST.  Revealing your purpose is a process and most likely doesn’t happen over night.  So let’s take it one step at a time … together!

Please leave your feedback regarding this post and your life’s purpose.

Live The Dream!          

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