Every day we are blessed beyond our comprehension.  We take it for granted and forget to give thanks for all the little things.  We can easily get caught up in our struggles and stressors and forget that they are really blessings in disguise.  I encourage you to take a moment today and express your heartfelt gratitude for any and all things in your life.

Leave your thoughts and comments regarding this video.  I would love your feedback on how you expressed gratitude today… AND … how did it feel afterwards?

2 commets “Why Express Gratitude?

  1. Heidi Endicott (Edit)

    Excellent message Melissa!! Thank you for the reminder to express gratitude!! It’s such a little thing that makes a huge difference!! I am grateful and blessed! And thank you for being the person to remind me today.

  2. Amanda Michell (Edit)

    Thank you for posting these Melissa! I’ve watched 2 and they are nice “thoughts for the day” to start off right. My best wishes to your family today!

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