The world is flat, the world is flat!  Oh yes it is!  Oh wait, wait a minute, no, no  it’s not.  My bad, it’s actually round!

Knowledge.  It is a beautiful thing, however, knowledge is not always right, is it?  Take a moment and ask yourself, where did you get all your knowledge?  Not just academic knowledge, but your knowledge on life…  how to behave, what’s right and wrong, who you are, what you should believe, what you should feel, what you’re capable of and not capable of, etc.  I find it interesting that we have been taught all of these things very early on in our life  –  from our parents, our teachers, our friends, our church, and our society –  but who’s to say they are right??  How do we know we’ve been feed the correct knowledge that serves our highest and greatest good?  They really just taught us what they believed was right and what they believed about who we are.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  They did their best.

Now being older and wiser, it only makes sense to challenge my current knowledge and beliefs.  I mean, there was a time when everybody thought that the earth was flat.  They believed that with every ounce of their being.  Don Miguel Ruiz says in his book The Four Agreements,

“Knowledge itself isn’t good or bad or right or wrong; knowledge is just a program.  It is nothing but concepts. It is knowledge, but knowledge does not mean it is the truth.  Knowledge only means it is what you know.”

These few lines, and this entire book actually, got me thinking.  It really widened my awareness of what I am holding onto as my truth and how it really is a bunch of other people’s knowledge!  The book actually inspired an 8-week tele-course I’ve put together where we dive deep into ourselves and find out what knowledge and beliefs are outdated and need to be rejuvenated with more empowering knowledge and beliefs.

You see, the beliefs and the truths that you hold near and dear to you and that you repeat over and over will determine what you seek… or don’t seek, what you create… or don’t create… in your life today and tomorrow.  These beliefs will then either propel you forward or hold you back and keep you stuck.  They will either encourage you to seek out a more purposeful, fulfilling, and truthful life or discourage you to just settle and be complacent.

Take a moment and think of various areas of your life.  What stories do you tell yourself that hold you back?  In your career?  In your finances?  In your relationships?  In your health?  In your spirituality?

Consider this, maybe there are stories that you believe to be true that aren’t true.  Maybe you could challenge and reexamine some old and outdated limited beliefs and begin to entertain new and empowering knowledge and beliefs?

What if, just what if there was a belief you could embody that honored who you REALLY are?  Hmmmm, begs the question… Who Are You Really?

I invite you to ask the powerful questions… the ones that we rarely take the time to ask and listen for the answer.

*Who am I?

*What have I been told about who I am?

*What am I capable of?

*What have I been told to believe about my capabilities?

*What if I were to express who I really am?

*What am I hiding from?

*What was I told to be afraid of?

*What limitations were I told to live by?

*What if everything I am seeking outside of me already resides within me?

YOU have all the answers within.  Answer these questions from your heart, not your head.  Take a few nice deep breaths and get into your heart space.  FEEL the answers to these questions.  Your heart and soul know your truth!

If you would like to discover more of your inner truth and power, you can check out my 8-week tele-course journey where you’ll work through your limiting beliefs as a group.

Be willing to listen and feel!

Lots of Love and Blessings,

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